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“John was the first performer I booked for our library this summer ! I was looking forward to him coming since early Spring. As always, John is awesome and our library families are asking if he’s coming back again this summer!  Appreciate his ability to keep the importance of reading as a focus throughout his performance! Thanks again John for the awesome gift you share with so many families at our libraries! We appreciate you very much at the Glen Avon Library!”  Tracie Carignan – Children’s Librarian – Glen Avon Library

Check out this Library Audience

Check out this Library Audience

“John Abrams delivers!! Magic, comedy, animals, and great fun for adults as well as kids. I also appreciate how he gets kids excited about reading and checking out books from our library.  Family entertainment doesn’t get better than this!!”  Patricia Williams – Children’s Librarian – Encintas Library

“John came to the Perris library last Tuesday evening and provided a wonderful program. More than 100 kids were totally focused on him the entire time. He involved the kids and even some parents, and the library got more than 40 new participants signed up for the Summer Reading Program!”  Janice Cabrera – Children’s Librarian – Perris Library

“John Abrams and his animal magic show is amazing! A big hit with children and parents alike. John incorporates magic, music, humor, animals and audience participation both children and adults. A great time is had by all and I look forward to his program every year! I have scheduled John Abrams and his animal magic show for six years and will do so again next year!”  August Diel – Children’s Librarian – Fallbrook Library

“John Abrams has been our Summer Reading Finale for the past 7 years at our library.  There are many reasons he has been back so many times.  For starters, he is an awesome performer; he keeps the kids engaged and entertained.  Parents have told me there is something different about him compared to the other performers, he is a true performer and truly enjoys what he does.  His show is non-stop magic tricks and fun.  Many of the children get called up to assist him with different magic tricks; there is laughing throughout the show.  He knows how to keep the audience’s attention, even in a room with 250 people!  One year we decided to pick different performers for our Summer Reading schedule; not including John Abrams was a mistake.  We received so many comments about bringing John back that I decided to make his show the Finale every year.  It is also our most attended program with between 200-300 attendees.  You will not be disappointed with John’s show.  I highly recommend him.” – Jeremy Williams – Children’s Librarian – Rancho San Diego

“John Abrams amazing show has been featured at the Temecula Public Library and Grace Mellman Library countless times over the past 12 years. His show artfully combines dazzling magic, exotic pets, comedic timing and superb audience interaction making Animal Magic a consistently excellent, high-energy show for our very large audiences. We always know Animal Magic will be a sure fire hit with families at our library. John Abrams Animal Magic totally rocks!”  Ginger Safstrom – Children’s Librarian – Temecula Public Library

“John Abrams has done many many shows for the all ages at the Anaheim Public Libraries.  The staff and children look forward to his Animal Magic and funny jokes!  John was amazing as always, his show is always fast paced, fresh and exciting!  John’s also excellent at promoting the yearly summer reading program theme and promoting books on magic!  Thanks John for keeping everyone entertained and helping us learn to read and have a magical time!  We’ll be booking you again soon!”  Angel Saucedo – Children’s Librarian – Anaheim Public Libraries

“Every year John Abrams comes to our Library. And every year we have 250-300+ children attend this amazing Animal Magic show.  Humor, music, magic tricks and animals are a great combination for a fun filled afternoon! Thank you John for doing what you do and caring about our children!”  Cindi Bouvier – Children’s Librarian – Escondido Library

“John Abrams is an absolute delight and a stellar performer. I have seen, and known John, since I first started at the Glendora Public Library (about eight years ago) and have loved booking him since.  John’s show is not only entertaining, but informative especially when he has young children saying things like “nocturnal” (it was hilarious). What’s awesome about John’s so is that it appeals to everyone of every age;  we had a great mixture of children, adults, and seniors. In fact, one of our local computer users was thoroughly entertained and noted that John has amazing technique and skill.

The best part about John (other than his awesome magic abilities) is his sense of humor! I also want to point out that he had a very young crowd and most of them were so captivated and happy during the entire show.  I was so happy to see Chili the Chinchilla and his friends and I can’t wait to see them again this summer “crossing my fingers’

I highly recommend John Abrams’ Animal Magic Show because you really get a class act that many families will enjoy for years and years to come!” Deborah Takahashi – Children’s Librarian – Pasadena Libraries


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