11 Ideas for Earth Day at your School

Here they are.  11 Ways your school can GO GREEN during Earth Week.

  1. Have an Earth Day slogan contest – Have the contest.  Examples such as “Be Lean, Mean and Go Green” or “Join the Race to make the World a Better Place” or “May the Forest be With You”.  You can have one slogan for the entire school, or have each class make up their own.  Then, have the students make posters with the slogan.   You can reward the winners with eco-friendly prizes such as a “plant a tomato garden box” or a “butterfly kit”.
  2. Plant trees or gardens – If your school has room, have the students plant some trees or vegetables.  If not, ask for donations to create a garden box in the classroom.  Students love to see things that THEY PLANTED grow and flourish.  Teachers can use these as science projects and as examples or a flourishing education.
  3. Host an Animal Magic Assembly – Ok.  This may be a little self serving, but OH SO FUN!  No Earth Week is complete without seeing some live critters.  Bring animals and magic to your school.   Here’s the link for more info:  Click Here.
  4. Create a “Waste Free Lunch” contest – Lunch is a major source of trash and waste.  Just ask your custodian.  You can have a contest to see which class or student can have a waste free lunch.  Ideas include: Reusable utensils, reusable containers, finishing one’s food, thermoses, reusable cloth napkins etc…  Can you eat all of your lunch and reuse everything it came in?
  5. Participate in a communal Paper Shredding Event – Being as it’s right around tax season, lots of folks want to get rid of paperwork from past years.  Contact your local Paper Shredding company and sponsor a paper shredding event.  Sometimes the company will actually split the profits with the school.  A great and easy fundraiser.
  6.  Read Conservation Facts every day – Your principal or whoever makes the morning announcements can read a new Conservation Fact every day.  They are found easily on the internet (that’s where I found a lot of these).   Click here for some ideas on water conservation.  There are more all over the internet.
  7. Recycling contest – Have each student bring in as many plastic water bottles as possible.  Have the teachers talk about plastic bottles and the benefits of  re-using and recycling  .The winning class get’s an eco-friendly prize.
  8. Sing or Listen to Earth Songs in Class – There are many to be found on the internet.  Some by popular singers that the students will know.  Listen to them over and over.  It’s a great way to learn more about how to save the Earth.
  9. Wear Green – Ok.  This explains itself.
  10. Walk or Bicycle to School Day – This will take some preplanning, but it’s worth it.  If you plan a bicycle to school day, check with your school district’s risk management department.  They have all sorts of rules and regulations.  If you decide to do a walk to school day, make sure to promote it to the parents.  Many parents LOVE to walk their kids to school.  Teachers can teach about fuel conservation and pollution.
  11. Save the Earth essays – Have the students write essays about how they plan to save the earth.  This can be written in the “now” (ex: using recyclable water bottles) or the essay can be about some career the student may want to do in the future (ex: solar panel engineer).  Let their imaginations go wild.  You’ll be surprised at what they come up with.

There ya go.  11 great ways to celebrate Earth Day at your school.  And remember, the very best way to get your students all revved-up about earth day is to have an Animal Magic Assembly (cheesey?).  Call as soon as you read this to book the date that’s best for you.

I welcome your comments.

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